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7 Best Fun Runs in the US

Fun Run US 1. The Color Run– Dubbed “the Happiest 5k on the planet” the Color Run is less interested in your 10 minute mile and more interested in giving you the time of your life! This uniquely themed fun run asks its runners to come in all white clothing and aims to have them doused from head to toe in a rainbow of colors by the finish line. With one of the best finish line parties on the list, that includes a huge dance party with drinks and DJs as well as more colorful activities in case you weren’t already covered enough, the Color Run is surely not to be missed when it comes to your city. Visit to sign up. Fun Run in US 2. Denver Gorilla Run– This fun run is bananas! Every year in Denver this 5k raises funds for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, a group dedicated to saving the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas in the wild. All participants are provided a full gorilla or banana costume that is yours to keep once the fun run is complete. Visit to sign up and help this amazing cause.  

Disney Fun Run US

3. Run Disneyland 5k– This 3.1 mile run taking place at sunrise inside the Disneyland Resort is a one of a kind experience for fans of Disney and running alike. With a changing cast of Disney characters and themes each year, no one run is ever the same. During the race a cast of Disney characters cheer you on, and around every corner- secret surprises await. Come experience a fun run inside “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Visit for more information.


Zombie Fun Run

4. Zombie Run– Set in an apocalyptic world the Zombie Run is a zombie themed fun run that forces you to plot your way through its 3.1 mile course and attempt to “stay alive” as hordes of zombies chase and try to eat you. The Zombie Run uses a system akin to flag football, where each runner receives two flags on their belt. At the end of the race, the dead and the living are divided by who does and who doesn’t have flags. Visit to test your luck against the undead.


Mystery Fun Run

5. Murder Mystery 5k– Part 5k fun run, part Scavenger Hunt, the Murder Mystery 5k uses an augmented reality app to push runners to solve a mystery across 3 to 4 miles in different cities around the US. Grab some friends and together you will gather crime scene clues, solve riddles, and even attempt to accomplish some wacky dares in order to solve the mystery and finish this one of a kind race. Visit to sign up.


Vegas Fun Run

6. Run, Rock n Roll Vegas – Celebrating its 20th year, and now held in over 30 cities annually, this Rock n’ Roll Marathon series throws together a high energy, night race through the Vegas strip. With live music headliners like Pitbull and Brad Paisley, cheer teams, all wrapped in a block party atmosphere under the lights of the Vegas Strip this 5k is worth betting on. Sign up for the Vegas run or a run in your city at today!


Fun Run US

7. Insane Inflatable 5k– By far the most unique 5k fun run on this list The Insane Inflatable 5K, is a dynamic and extreme obstacle race, made up solely of inflatable slides, bounce houses, and plenty of other wacky obstacles like a gigantic ball pit and 20-foot scaling wall. This fun run will challenge, surprise, and leave both kids and adults bouncing back for more! Visit to sign up.

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