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6 Theme Park Essentials

Essential Items - Body Glide - Chafing - Theme Park With warmer weather right around the corner, visiting a theme park (or two, or three!) may be in your vacation plans. Whether your family is headed to Disney(Land or World!), Universal, Six Flags or any other theme park destination, showing up to the park prepared can go a long way towards making your time there much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to pack our 6 essentials for your next trip to the theme park!
  1. Portable Charger – Keeping track of friends and family, posting updates, and snapping pictures can really drain your phone battery.  By carrying a portable phone charger you can charge your phone while you wait in line for the next ride.
  2. Sunscreen A good sunscreen will help your skin from burning, especially during the summer months.  Apply it before you leave for the park and again throughout the day.  Staying burn free will help you enjoy your whole trip.  Sunscreen can be purchased at many amusement parks, but the price will be greatly inflated.
  3. Lip balmBeing out in the sun all day can easily cause burned and chapped lips.  By using a lip balm, containing SPF protection, you can keep your lips soft and smooth.
  4. Rain Poncho  During the summer months, light rain up to thunderstorms can common at some theme parks.  Carrying a light weight poncho can help you stay dry when the skies turn grey.  Or… when you decide that the nearest log ride sounds like fun.
  5. Comfortable Shoes – Theme parks are known for thrilling rides, tasty food, lots of walking, and long lines.  Whether you prefer shoes, boots, or sandals, having comfortable footwear can save you from lots of aches and pains.
And most importantly:

6. Body Glide – Body is the #1 selling anti-chafing balm.  It is trusted by marathon runners, triathletes, and theme park attendees around the world.  With a stick of Body with you you can rest assured that any chafing or blisters can be stopped before they start.

Did You Know? The average theme park goer walks up to 13 miles per day at the park. That is as many miles as a half marathon!  So, use the tips above and head to your next theme park prepared.  You, your body, and your wallet will thank you. What are your favorite theme parks to visit? Do you have any theme park essentials we forgot?  Let us know in the comments!

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