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Chafing From Spin Class

Woman on bike doing indoor cycling in spin class - Chafing From Spin Class - The most common issue that cyclists run into is rubbing that leads to chafing and saddle sores. No one likes to leave their spin class feeling like your underarms, thighs & buttocks just went through a cheese grater. Remember, prevention is better than a cure, so here are some tips to keep you on the pedals and ready to tackle that last 1-mile incline.

What is Chafing?

Simply put, chafing is an irritation of the skin caused by friction whether due to skin to skin contact, clothing, workout equipment, etc.. Chafing can range from slight irritation, sort of like sunburn, to unbearable blisters and pain, so it is important that you know what to spot and how to treat it quickly to prevent further irritation.

How to Prevent Chafing from Indoor Cycling:

The Right Gear

Having the right gear on hand dramatically reduces the risk of chafing, but what type of gear you choose to invest in largely depends on whether you are just starting out new to spin class or are in the saddle 5 days a week.
  • Avoid Cotton
    • Newtimers should always look to avoid wearing cotton. Cotton shirts tend to hold onto moisture more than other types of fabrics. The moisture causes them to cling to your body, usually in uncomfortable places (underarms, chest & neck) which then becomes a hotbed for chafing.
  • Wear Moisture Wicking Clothing
    • Riders should always head to class wearing moisture-wicking clothing. Moisture-wicking clothing draws moisture away from your body keeping your body cool and allowing you to stay relatively dry throughout your workout. Performance workout gear or cycling shirts that are form-fitting, seamless and moisture wicking form a trifecta of chafing prevention power and are your best choice in preventing chafing from occurring.
  • Bike Shorts Are Your Best Friend
    • For beginners or those new to indoor cycling wear workout pants or longer than normal shorts that protect the very sensitive inner thigh. If you plan on taking up spin class often or are looking to move your cycling outdoors and onto the streets, we suggest investing in some quality bike shorts.
    • Bike shorts are built to withstand the pressures of long or intensive cycling. Chamois shorts (pronounced “sham-wah” or “shammy” for short) are designed to fight friction while providing cushioning to pressure points around the buttocks and groin. Made to be worn skin tight, they fight friction by providing a barrier to skin on skin contact, while the cushion provides comfort as well as protection to the areas that are most likely to be injured while riding (groin, and buttocks) keeping you in the saddle longer and allowing you to enjoy and get the most out of your spin class.
  • Use Cycle by Body Glide
    • Seasoned cyclists know that lubricating areas prone to chafing is the easiest way to prevent irritation. Cycle by Body Glide is the anti-chafing balm of choice used by cyclists around the world! Cycle provides an invisible, long-lasting barrier that prevents chafing and is never greasy and won’t ever ruin or stain your clothing. Hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients, apply Cycle to the underarms, inner-thighs, up & along the buttocks, and groin before you head to spin class. One application of Cycle is all you need to stay pain and chafe-free your entire class. Stay in the saddle longer and avoid chafing and painful irritation with Cycle by Body Glide.

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