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Chafing From Horseback Riding

Blonde woman on horseback riding through a field while sun sets in background - Chafing from Horseback Riding - Body Glide There is no better day than riding down the trail on a summer day . . . listening to the rhythmic clip-clop of your horse’s hooves with the wind in your hair. Sounds perfect right? Unfortunately for some, a long day in the saddle can quickly turn a fun day on the trails into an unexpectedly painful one.


We often refer to “saddle sores” when talking about bike riding but its origins start here. The main cause of saddle sores is, of course, the saddle itself. Saddles that are overly smooth or worn down cause the rider to slide around, causing a considerable amount of friction and readjusting. Hard saddles that have been in the sun too long can put an extreme amount of pressure on bones and areas that are delicate. Couple these with every rider’s clothing of choice – a hardy pair of jeans, and you have a recipe for chafing and blistering after even a short time in the saddle. 


Chafing, usually on the inner thighs and buttocks, presents as a mild, red rash accompanied by stinging or burning. The superficial layer of the skin may even be chafed through in very severe cases, in which case this will cause a really sore abrasion (akin to a bad sunburn or mild road-rash). If neglected, simple chafing can develop into open sores, which are easily infected and extraordinarily painful.


The easiest way to treat saddle sores is to prevent them from happening in the first place. A properly fitting saddle, the right clothing, and lubrication are the hallmarks of having a good day out on the trail.

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