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Chafing Prevention for Big & Tall

Being a big & tall man has its perks— after all, there’s no shelf you can’t reach—but the added weight can also mean more problems with chafing and discomfort. Using Body Glide® balms before you dress can help prevent chafing and keep your skin and feet feeling good.


It’s easy to think you just have to live with the painful skin irritation and chafing caused by rubbing. Or the hot spots, blisters, rashes, and red raw skin on feet and toes. You don’t. Body Glide balm forms a barrier of preventative care before problems arise.


Body Glide anti-chafing products are formulated for whole body chafing and blister prevention. A swipe of our balms can prevent chafing from footwear, clothing that rubs at the waist, neck, or underarms, soreness from skin-on-skin rubbing, or wherever you need it. Body Glide even makes specially formulated anti-chafing products for Outdoors and in the Sun.


Most importantly, Body Glide anti-chafing products work. Our balms combine plant-derived ingredients that are never messy or greasy, don’t block skin pores, stay right where you need protection, and offer long-lasting moisturizing relief from chafing.

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