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Chafing Protection from Clothing

Whether you’re wearing nylons for work, a heavy uniform, or dressed to the nines for a night out on the town, if your clothing is rubbing and chafing, you’re not going to be looking or feeling your best. Body Glide balms form an invisible barrier between clothing and skin to protect against friction that causes chafing.


Body Glide anti-chafing balms go on smooth, dry, and invisible, unlike greasy lotions, powders, and oils that can leave a conspicuous mess. Our natural, plant-based formulations won’t ever leave stains or break down or in anyway damage your clothign.


We’ve formulated our anti-chafing balms to offer long-lasting protection while simultaneously being gentle for even the most sensitive skin. We use natural, plant-based ingredients that are hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and easy to rinse off with a mild cleanser.


Forming a strong barrier between skin and irritants before rawness and discomfort begins is the most effective method to prevent blistering and broken skin that can lead to bigger troubles. Just one application does the trick and lasts all day. Rubbing causes friction that wears down skin, friction causes irritation, chafing, and worse. Body Glide balms work by forming an invisible barrier between skin and what rubs it. Our solutions reduce friction, and uniquely moisturize and lubricate skin. Clothing, even skin itself, “glides” over adjacent skin that could, otherwise, be rubbed raw. Use Body Glide to prevent wet-suit rash, thigh chafing, shoe blisters and more! There really is a Body Glide product for any situation. Whether you are an elite athlete or a mom on the run Body Glide’s line of skin protectants are here to help you conquer your day.

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