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I ran 6-10 hours a day for SIXTY consecutive days; 3200 miles and not once did I have an issue with chafing.

After running and winning a 6-hour ultra-marathon a couple of years ago, my 9-year old son Shamus thought it would be fun to run like that every day during his summer vacation… but Shamus doesn’t run. Shamus rides, and with cerebral palsy, his primary means of mobility is a wheel chair—and Shamus dreams big. Running across America was on his mind; and in his mind, he would ride in a special chair and cheer us on. I would run and push him. PowerToRun 2 Shamus ignored any excuse I threw at him. “Dad,” he asked, “when we run across the country, can we donate chairs to kids like me so they can feel what it is like to run? So they can go fast and feel the wind on their faces?” I couldn’t say no, and I went all-in. Training, fundraising, logistics and planning started the next day—and it continued for more than eighteen months. I prepared my body for the grueling task ahead by running every spare minute of each day. We followed a routine, or so I thought. During one of my weekly long runs I realized I had run out of my go-to “lube”, Body Glide (a product I have used since I started running marathons in 2001). In haste, I rubbed on some petroleum jelly. It was a 7 hour run, and a few miles into it I was painfully reminded why Body Glide is my go-to choice for chafing protection. The jelly didn’t hold up, and I hobbled and walked the rest of the way, dreading the shower when I got home. I was determined not to ever let that happen again. And then the 3,200-mile run began. 11902258_1633450146897521_9074126508557589192_n Before Shamus and I hit the road for our daily 55 mile run and push, I would apply Body Glide to all the necessary spots: inner thighs, nipples, arms and feet. As we ran across the country, coast to coast, every step of the way pushing Shamus in his running chair, not once did I have an issue with chafing on my inner-thighs or under my arms, and not one day did I experience the pain of runner’s nipple—a true testament to the quality of Body Glide. Even when it was hot and humid, I rarely needed to reapply it. At the end of long, hot days, Shamus would swim in pools for hours to cool off, and when he tried to kick in the pool, his inner thighs rubbed and chafed – until we applied Body Glide to his legs – and chafing was never a problem again. Shamus’ dream became our reality, and reflecting on our run together, it was a huge success and a rewarding journey for our entire family! 10629603_1640995142809688_8262945660274360754_n

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