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Skin Balms for Every Body

What’s Rubbing You the Wrong Way? While many fashions look good, they often don’t feel good. Curvy or not, you may be more prone to skin-on-skin irritation or rubbing from clothing that chafes your skin. ‘ Body Glide® is here to help with a selection of skin-protectant balms that form a barrier helping you pull off each look flawlessly and feel better immediately.


Teresa Caruso wrote us in 1999 to tell us our product had helped her wear nylons for 12 hours on her wedding day without the typical irritating chafing that normally accompanies wearing nylons for a prolonged period of time. And that’s when we realized that Body Glide balms were products that could make a big difference in real people’s day-to-day lives.


First and foremost, Body Glide’s anti-chafing products work. They blend plant-derived ingredients that are not greasy or messy, that don’t block skin pores, that stay where you need them, and are long lasting. And then you simply wash them off!


Body Glide balms are perfect for use to prevent chafing from: footwear and heels, bras and straps, under breasts, irritation from bouncing, on inner-thighs and the underside of arms, in skin folds and creases, along fabric seams and stitching, and under pantyhose and nylons, just to name a few places.  

Body Glide Works!

Read more to learn the many different ways Body Glide has helped normal people, and elite athletes in every day situations.
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