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Thigh Chafing – Can Chub Rub Be Prevented?

thigh chafing Thigh Chafing: Known as Chub Rub by some- Painfully dreaded by all. I have always been passionate about sports but, as a 37-year-old mom of two beautiful girls, it can be challenging to find the time and motivation to be as active as I used to be. Before kids, I spent my time participating in triathlons, from sprint to full Ironman distance, with the occasional marathon sprinkled in-between. I still love being active and as my girls are getting more self-sufficient, I recently picked up trail running, my new favorite. Soon as I started running again, quite to my surprise, I experienced a strong case of the chafing thighs during my runs—commonly known amongst us ladies as “chub rub”. This painful skin condition stops your running progress dead in its tracks. Though it seems to affect us ladies more often, I came to find out that plenty of men suffer the dreaded thigh chaffing as well. I had experienced minor thigh chafing burns before but it was becoming too strong to continue training for my next 10k trail-run race! So I set out to find what will prevent thigh chafing and allow me to run my next race pain free. The first solution I tried was anti-chafing sports clothes. I tried chafing prevention shorts, pants, and underwear from a variety of top-of-the-line brands. Most of them were good quality products, comfortable, and I still use them. But they are costly and none of them effectively prevented my thighs from chafing. Most of the sports bras I tried caused chafing as well. I’ll save that topic for another post. Next I turned to skin protection balms and lotions from various brands, and that’s where I found the solution that I gladly use and recommend today. I’ve tried 6 or 7 different lotions, petroleum jelly and bandages – and all anti-chafing solutions are not created equal!  Talking about my painful problem with other runner friends, I heard about Body Glide anti-chafing sticks. I started seeing them in various sizes in my favorite running and sports stores. I tried Body Glide, and what a relief!  Body Glide’s anti-chafing balm isn’t sticky, greasy, messy and it’s really easy to apply.  There’s a small size, so I can bring it on my runs, but I haven’t needed it to reapply- it really works all day! Compared to the other products I tried, the Body Glide anti-chafing stick works for hours and hours, even on hot and sweaty days. Body Glide rid me of thigh chafing and it lets me run with complete confidence. I no longer suffer from any chafing as I train for my trail races, or on race day—and that has let me exceed my goals! I am a Body Glide enthusiast as I use their Foot Anti-Blister Balm for my summer hikes, and their Cycle Anti-Saddle Sore Balm on my rides. My advice to you: if you suffer from thigh chafing, join the club and give Body Glide a run!
Chafing: Prevent or Treat – Your Choice!

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