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Wedding Day Chafing

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Avoid Chafing on Your Big Day!

The venue is booked, the cake is ordered, flowers have been arranged, and your dress is a dream: you’ve been planning for months, and finally the big day has arrived! So much preparation and time go into planning every detail of your wedding day, you deserve to have your day be as smooth as it can be. For a chafe-free special day, don’t forget your Body Glide!

Tips for A Chafe-Free Wedding Day

Wedding attire can be tricky because it’s not your usual comfortable everyday wear. Lace everything, new shoes, and all the undergarments, it’s hard to anticipate where discomfort may show up. Check out our tips for making sure chafing doesn’t get in the way of your big day:
  • Plan ahead.
    • Just like with all wedding day plans, the trick for staying worry-free is to take care of the details ahead of time. Keep Body Glide on hand throughout the ceremony (Hint: Ask your maid of honor to carry it for you). Perfect for the bride, it also comes in handy for all of your bridesmaids and even the groom and groomsmen too! The men with their new dress shoes, stiff-collared shirts, and ties that chafe all day around the neck- keep everyone in your bridal party happy and ready to dance the night away by keeping Body Glide close by.
  • Apply to trouble areas.
    • Dress
      • Gown rub is a real problem for many brides. Lace, beads, and wedding undergarments can all conspire to make your wedding day less than perfect. Apply Body Glide to areas that are tight or likely to rub together: underarms, elbows, hips and around the chest are great places to cover.
    • Thighs
      • Thigh chafing, sometimes called “chub rub”, is a problem for many women, especially on their wedding day. The dress can make walking especially difficult causing your thighs to rub together more than usual. Applying Body Glide to your thighs will make sure things stay smooth and chafe-free from the ceremony to the reception.
    • Feet
      • New heels, a long day and a ton of dancing is a recipe for disaster. But with Body Glide you can keep dancing all night long. Apply some to the back of your ankles, your heels, and toes to keep them from blistering and chafing.
Body Glide protects your skin with a smooth, breathable moisture-control barrier that will never stain or discolor your clothing. Enjoy your big day, even more, when you fight friction and relieve uncomfortable irritation using Body Glide.

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