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What Causes Chafing Anyhow?

Body Glide® | What Causes Chafing Anyhow?

When you know the factors that cause chafing, you can avoid the pain, scarring, and a recovery time that can last for days or even weeks!

If you thought chapped, irritated, burning, chafed and raw skin are just facts of life and that you have to live with them, that’s not the case. Understanding what causes chafing, you can then take the steps towards preventing trouble before you need first aid.

What Causes Chafing?

Chafing is caused by friction. Friction is resistance caused by rubbing, anywhere your skin rubs together like on your thigh or your heel of your foot against your shoe, sooner or later, it will injure your skin. Chafing worsens with excessive pressure and force, heat, humidity and perspiration, or from excessive dryness and cold. Unabated, skin injuries from chafing range from relatively mild rash and irritation, to burning, blisters, and raw skin.

What Else Causes Skin Chafing?

Your skin is tough enough to withstand some friction and rubbing without problems, but there’s a limit for everyone. Some people may experience mild irritation and be relatively fine, others will experience blisters and find it hard to perform normal day to day tasks, let alone exercise. Common causes of skin chafing are:
  • Clothing that is too tight or too loose
  • Long distance exercise activities like running or cycling
  • Excess moisture from sweat or water sports
  • Fabrics that don’t wick moisture away
  • Overly developed muscles from exercise
  • Repetitive movements
  • Sensitive skin
  • Heat and hot weather
  • Tight-fitting shoes or heels
  • Sand
  • Extra body weight
  • Salt residue on skin from sweat or ocean water

How do you prevent chafing?

Don’t stop doing the things you love, but do protect your skin. How depends on your clothing and footwear, where you are going, what you are doing, your level of activity, if you are mostly inside or outside, the weather conditions, and your skin’s sensitivity. Prevent chafing by creating a line of defense between your skin and whatever rubs against it, and make it part of your routine when you get dressed. Body Glide® balms are hypoallergenic, comfortable, non-messy barriers, yet gentle on sensitive skin, and recommended by top athletes, marathoners, and weekend warriors around the world. Body Glide is engineered to reduce the effects of friction from footwear, clothing and skin itself. Leaving your skin feeling better and allowing you to go about your daily routine without worry or pain from chafing. If you suffer from pain caused by chafing, we want you to know that there is a solution. Check out our line of Body Glide brand anti-chafing balms here to start feeling relief from chafing immediately.
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